Tivo 802.11g and Tivo to Go

tivo tivo to go humax 802.11g

Tivo were showing off the new Humax DRT800 DVD Recorder with Tivo Service, it’s basically an 80 hour tivo with a DVD recorder that lets you record to DVD as easily as you record a program to hard drive.

What Tivo weren’t showing at Digital Focus was just as interesting:

One of my pet peeves with Tivo is that my Tivo only operates wirelessly over 802.11b, which slows down the rest of my network from 802.11g speeds.

It is getting to the stage where I am tempted to setup two wireless networks: one 802.11g (or pre-n) for everything else and one 802.11b for Tivo.

Talking to a Tivo rep however I heard that Tivo will support 802.11g wireless “sometime next year”.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was Tivo to Go and the word there is that it’s getting close to being launched (Q4 or November – January), my guess is watch CES for the big announcements.

Bigger picture of the Humax below.

humax drt 800