HP Tattoos

HP ipod tattoos

Hp were showing off their ipod stick-on tattoos that are now available for purchase at HP.

I grabbed a few samples (The Who, Sting, and the Hives) and they are really high quality, the printing is clear and crisp, and the sticker comes away from the backing easily.

Hopefully I will have some tattoos to give away to ipod owners soon.

(more tattoo pictures below)

HP was also showing off their new Media Center devices including the media center extender and the HP Digital Entertainment Center z500 series living room dual tuner media center. Again I was impressed by the quality and looks of these devices.

(pics of those below as well)

hp ipod tattoos

hp ipod tattoos

hp media center extender

hp z500 media center

hp z500 media center

hp z500 media center

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