Corsair 32GB Flash Survivor USB Drive review

Corsair 32GB Flash Survivor USB Drive is the subject of a new review posted at OhGizmo.

Here’s what they thought of this ultra rugged USB flash drive:

“There’s no question that the Corsair Flash Survivor delivers on all of its promises. The overall build quality and use of aircraft-grade aluminum makes the drive feel like it will survive whatever tortures or trials you put it through. While it might be overkill for the average commuter, if your job has you traveling to areas that are a bit more extreme than the subway or an office tower, you can rest easy knowing your files are extremely safe. Of course I have to point out that 32GB of flash storage in your pocket doesn’t come cheap at this point in time ($180-$200) but Corsair also sells versions of the Flash Survivor in 16GB, 8GB and 4GB capacities that are considerably more affordable.”

They forgot the best part of the review: throwing it off stuff and running over it with trucks to see just how tough it really is. One other thing we would add is that no matter how rugged your storage is your #1 priority should still be regular backups.

Corsair 32GB Flash Survivor USB Drive review at OhGizmo