Is that a herb garden in your dresser?

herb garden in your dresser

It’s been a while since we featured one of the many impractical ideas regularly uncovered by Yanko Design but we had to bring this one to you…..

It is a dresser (or bedside table) with the bottom drawer full of living (not for long) herb plants supposedly kept alive and healthy in that poorly ventilated dark enclosed environment by a low voltage bulb.

Commenter “Vaness” makes a good point saying:

“Awesome idea, but I see a fundamental design flaw – herbs will have a serious problem surviving in such low light conditions. From the picture it is clear that they haven’t been in there very long. Mildrew and other fungus, along with elongation of stems will both be serious problems. Herbs by their nature are high-light plants – in less than idea conditions they will suffer disease problems. Also, their aromatic compounds develop best in high light surroundings.”

To which the designer gave the non-response:

“simple answer that one Vaness pop a better bulb in their.”

I get the impression he didn’t really think things through to their logical conclusion when coming up with this idea.

herb garden in your dresser at Yanko Design