Folding grill – an accident waiting to happen

folding grill

This folding grill is the latest example of not completely thinking through your great new product idea.

It’s a portable grill that you just fold up and carry with it’s convenient carry handles…… carry handles that probably get very hot when the grill has been used recently.

I can see it now, guys get together for an party at the beach, grill some burgers and hotdogs, have a few beers, time to go home, grab the grill, sizzle! time to call the paramedics. Way to ruin a perfectly good party.

I see no massive warning labels on the grill. This is America – I guarantee one of the first 10 owners of this grill will be dumb, burn themselves, and then sue the grill manufacturer.

Currently available for £19.99 ($40 + $160 shipping) from

Folding Grill via Dvice