Samsung makes laptops?

samsung laptops

Samsung makes laptops? seriously I never knew that, I think once this posts I will click the little Amazon search thing below to see if I can find some.

The lack of market visibility for Samsung laptops in the US probably explains why their market share really really sucks (1.7% of the worldwide market) and why it is make or break time for them according to their Senior Manager of Overseas Sales & Marketing, Sukyong Hong.

At a press briefing in the UK he stated that Samsung needs to triple their market share by 2011 or they will be forced to exit the laptop business.

Sounds like Samsung needs to put a lot of effort and marketing into breaking into the US market, especially the larger business customers who love to buy Lenovo or Dell.

Update: The Amazon search only returned a Toshiba laptop and I looked at the Samsung US site and they don’t even list any laptops. Marketing 101: If you want to triple your market share try making your products available to see and purchase.