Sony Ericsson S700i Camera Phone

Sony Ericsson S700i Camera Phone

LiveDigitally has taken a look at the new Sony Ericsson S700i 1.3 megapixel camera phone that works on the GSM 900/1800/1900MHZ bands.

This is a great looking phone and it does that cool swivelling thing, but unfortunately in the US you can only read the review as it isn’t available here (or should I say not available from any of the cellular providers, T-Mobile and Cingular operate in the 1900MHz GSM band so I think you could buy an unlocked phone and a prepaid SIM card and use it here).

Here’s a taste of the review:

“In one phrase: “The phone simply oozes sex appeal!” Simply put, the S700i is an excellent phone for all the features it packs (especially the camera). It’s great for commuters who can listen to MP3s or FM radio while on the go. It has all the expected PIM and connectivity features and much more. In other words this phone packs quite a punch.”

Check out the full review at LiveDigitally