Trust HU-3340M Mini USB hub

Trust HU-3340M Mini USB hub

bios has a review of the Trust HU-3340M Mini USB hub.

Ok, we’ve all seen millions of USB hubs before but this one does have some redeeming features: light, aluminium, and most importantly, is powered:

We were using a mini USB hub with my wife’s laptop and the mouse kept going screwy, jumping all over the screen, and clicking randomly, we tested for spyware viruses and adware but in the end the problem turned out to be the hub, it was unpowered and with 4 devices connected there wasn’t enough power getting through to the mouse (the mouse worked perfectly when connected directly to the laptop’s USB port.

So, if you are going to buy a USB hub pay a little more for a powered one like the Trust HU-3340M Mini USB hub.

bios magazine review

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