Creative Zen Micro 5gb MP3 Player

creative zen micro 5gb mp3 player

We mentioned the Creative Zen Micro 5gb MP3 Player over the weekend but now the official web page is up:

  • Holds 2,500 songs on 5GB1 hard drive
  • Micro sized (3.3″ tall, 2″ wide, 0.7″ deep)
  • Available in 10 electrifying colors (Black, White, Silver, Dark blue, Light blue, Red, Purple, Citrus Orange, Lime Green and Pink)
  • Features a removable lithium ion battery
  • Get up to 12 hours playback on a single charge2
  • FM radio to listen and record
  • Built-in mic for up to 10hrs voice recording
  • Vertical touch pad for easy and intuitive navigation
  • Access over 2 million songs through Zen supported music services
  • Highest audio clarity at 98dB SNR
  • High fidelity earphones with dynamic bass response
  • Contacts, Calendar and To Do List3
  • Plays MP3, WMA, WAV files
  • Functions as an external hard drive for backup of computer files
  • Backlit LCD displays track info
  • Repeat, resume, and random play
  • 8 EQ settings (Acoustic, classical, disco, jazz, new age, pop, rock and vocal)
  • Sleep and wake timers
  • Customizable main menu, so the features you want are right at your finger tips
  • USB 2.0 interfaces (cables included)
  • Belt clip / stand
  • weight: 3.8 oz. (includes removable battery)
  • warranty: 1 year limited hardware warranty / 90 day service warranty

Creative Zen Micro 5gb MP3 Player

(thanks Jorge)

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