Powered HDMI From Visionware

Powered HDMI From Visionware

HDMI is a great way of transferring a video signal but like any cable the signal degrades over distance and as HDMI is a digital signal it is either strong enough to get though 100% or you get nothing.

At first glance the Powered HDMI From Visionware seems like a good product until you realize it is only 5m long – the cheapest quality $5 HDMI cable should conform to HDMI 1.3 category 1 which means it will get a signal through 5m, no amplification needed.

Just like monster cable and all the other overpriced “gold plated” or “proprietary silicone core” cables the $400 Powered HDMI cable from Visionware is no better than a $5 cable.

If you need to go further than 5m then look for a higher quality 24awg copper HDMI which should get you 12m, a fibre optic or ethernet extender cable that could get up to 50m (for 1080p signals), or alternatively wait a couple of years unitl more TV are out that send the signal wirelessly.

Powered HDMI From Visionware (via uberreview)