Vita Audio R4

Vita Audio R4

The Vita Audio R4 with it’s sexy walnut veneer exterior will be a sure hit with guys who want to appear smooth in a modern day Barry White/Marvin Gaye (or maybe even Quagmire from Family Guy) kind of way.

More than just an iPod dock the Vita Audio R4 is an integrated music system with CD player, USB post, DAB and FM tuner, and iPod dock, all controlled by a “RotoDial” remote, pumping out the tunes of your choice through 80 watt speakers with an integrated active subwoofer.

The Vita Audio R4 will be available in June at a cost of £499.99 ($1000) for smooth walnut or £549.99 for nerdy white.

Vita Audio R4 via ShinyShiny

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