HP disappoints with XP on 2133 Mininote

HP 2133 mininote

Many people were excited at the prospect of getting a HP 2133 mininote ultra-portable with XP pre-installed as not everyone wants linux and vista is way too bloated and slow for a low powered ultra-portable.

HP’s solution seems guaranteed to disappoint: they are only offering a “downgrade” to XP for customers who are “a business (including governmental or educational institutions) and are expected to order annually at least 25 customer systems with the same custom image”, and them only on the highest priced mininotes.

Sounds to me like HP doesn’t understand the customer base for the 2133 mininote very well.

At least they are making XP drivers available for the more technically minded customers who already own XP and want to “downgrade” themselves.

XP on HP2133 via laptoping