Human Powered Radio

The world is a dangerous place, 9/11, 2 day power cuts in New York, terrorist attacks everywhere… in case something bad happens and you are without power here is the best human powered radio around: The Freeplay Summit $99.99 at It receives the usual AM and FM as well as long wave and short wave, and is powered by a rechargable battery, solar power and a wind-up handle! (product found at Gizmodo)


First dynamo, solar, digital travel radio made
Stores power in its built-in rechargeable battery pack through wind up, solar, and DC input rechargeable power
Receives AM/FM/LW/SW 5.9 to 15.6 MHz
AM tuning in 10KHz step (popular in the United States and other North American countries) and 9KHz (popular in England and other countries)
Snooze Alarm clock, 12/24 hour time, 30 station presets
Includes AC power adapter, 23 foot Portable Short Wave Antenna, Carrying Case, and International Short Wave guide of broadcasts in English
Simple button operation with Digital Display
Feature-packed, compact design makes it ideal for a global trek or a trip to the beach
Features snooze alarm clock, in standard 12-hour and 24-hour time, and 30 station presets
Compact and stylish design
Excellent sound quality, playtime performance, dependability, and durability
Includes Portable Short wave antenna, Carry pouch, and AC power adapter
Weight: 1.3 lbs. Size: 6.8″ W x 3.5″ H x 3.1″ D