Denali HDTV Media Center PC

Denali HDTV Media Center PC

Hush Technology fanless PCs are expensive but very very quiet, just what you need to go with your $10,000 65 inch LCD TV 🙂

Niveus has a new Media Center PC based on the Hush Technology called the Denali HDTV Media Center PC.

Just like you would image from a name like Denalt HDTV Media Center PC, you get a high definition video 8 channel 24 bit 192KHz audio behemoth that packs a 3.2GHz Pentuim 4, dual tuners, PCI-express graphics, and DVD recorder, into $4,000 worth of sweet sweet high definition AV goodness.

“Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good boy this year and I now know what I want for Christmas!”

(via gizmodo)