Dell Axim X50 / X50v

dell axim x50 x50v photo manual

The Dell Axim X50 and X50v are supposed to be released later today and PocketFactory got hold of the official spec sheet in PDF format.

No big surprises, it looks exactly like the pictures we already had, and the specs are the same as we had told you in our Dell Axim X50 profile.

The only changes to the profile are the confirmation of only 64MB RAM (some people were saying 128MB) and the confirmation of the weight at 6.2oz.

The Axim X50v is a great Pocket PC and I will be ordering one ASAP to review, only negatives are the lowish RAM (although with 1gb 80x speed CF cards close to $100 these days storage space shouldn’t be an issue), and the lack of a jog dial like on the X30.

Dell Axim X50v PDF Datasheet (right click to save to your computer)

(via PocketFactory)

dell axim x50v photo from manual