Telly MC1200 Home Entertainment Server

Telly MC1200 1200 home entertainment server PVR

The Telly MC1200 is the third generation of Interact-TV’s home entertainment server: basically a cross between a Tivo and a Media PC.

The Telly MC1200 is 16.5 x 4.6 x 12.2 inches, runs Linux, and is controlled with a wireless keyboard and remote control. It comes with a 80gb hard drive, 1.2ghz Via C3 processor, 256mb RAM, ethernet connection, and a DVD-CDRW drive but can be upgraded to 3 250gb drives, a DVD writer and 1gb RAM.

The Telly MC1200 has a software interface allowing you to choose and record tv programs as well as watch movies, listen to music, and view pictures.

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