DLink DSM-750 HD media center extender now shipping

DLink DSM-750 HD media center extender now shipping

Dlink has announced their DLink DSM-750 HD media center extender is now shipping.

The $330 DSM-750 works best with Vista Media Center PCs (sorry XP Media Center owners, no HD for you) and streams HD content, music, and pictures from any device on your home network over 802.11n wireless or 10/100 ethernet to any attached TV.

We have to wonder though: why no gigabit ethernet: the extra cost over 10/100 would have been minimal and the performance improvement should be substantial.

Full press release on the DSM-750 follows.

DLink DSM-750 via SlipperyBrick

“FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA-(Marketwire – May 7, 2008) – D-Link, the end-to-end computer networking solutions provider for consumers and business, today began shipping its latest MediaLounge® Player designed to operate as an Extender for Windows Media Center.

The D-Link® DSM-750 provides high-speed wired or Wi-Fi streaming and sharing of High-Definition (HD) and standard definition video, movies, digital photos and music — virtually anywhere in the home, regardless of where the PC is located. Media files can be found by the DSM-750 from PCs or storage boxes (such as the D-Link DNS-323) connected to the home network and then played on the TV using the included remote control.

“The DSM-750 is our most powerful media player yet,” said Daniel Kelley, senior director of marketing for D-Link Systems, Inc. “This powerful Extender for Windows Media Center not only provides an elegant way to enjoy your local media, but changes the way we navigate and view the Internet, offering content from more than 15 different providers — including sports, movies and other entertainment. When paired with PCs running Windows Media Center, the DSM-750 offers consumers the ultimate experience in digital home entertainment.”

The newest MediaLounge model features the company’s award-winning Wireless N technology for the fastest Wi-Fi performance on the market, incorporating both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands available with the draft 802.11n standard to optimize the experience of moving media throughout the home.

Other key features of the new MediaLounge player include cool, silent operation (no moving parts), a convenient remote control, an easy-to-navigate TV user interface for quick hassle-free browsing of digital content, high-definition video playback with digital surround sound, a USB 2.0 port to play media stored on a thumb drive or other USB-connected storage device and 10/100 Fast Ethernet connectivity.

The DSM-750 delivers the Windows Media Center experience independent of whether the host PC is being used for other uses, so you can watch a recorded TV show in the living room while your child does homework on the PC. In addition, up to five media players can be used to extend Windows Media Center simultaneously from the same PC to enjoy music in the kitchen, a photo slideshow in the bedroom, etc.

Windows Media Center makes it easy to access all media files — video, music and photos — and to use the PC as a TV tuner/digital video recorder (DVR). Windows Media Center offers online content to users from more than 15 providers accessible in the United States alone through the DSM-750.

In addition to the Extender for Windows Media Center functionality which requires Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate, the DSM-750 also works with standard Windows Vista and Windows XP computers through Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 11 or Windows Media Connect and other Universal Plug and Play (UpnP) media servers.

Media players like the DSM-750 using draft 802.11n technology allow the motion picture industry to get closer to its goal of allowing consumers to download movies directly from the studios and watch them on their TVs, according to industry research firm JupiterResearch.

Pricing and Availability

The DSM-750, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $329.99, is available now through D-Link’s wide network of retailers, online resellers and D-Link’s own online store, www.dlinkshop.com. “

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