Travel Charger Bag

travel charger bag

GentlemensGadgets came across this travel charger bag that at first glance looks like a good solution for the traveling gadget addict but we think they are approaching the problem from the wrong direction.

We used to travel a lot, and my wife currently travels almost every week (in the last month she has been in 8 countries), and the most important thing when traveling a lot is keeping things lightweight, compact and accessible. This thing at 12″ x 8″ is none of those.

Choose gadgets that share a common power source, such as a mini-usb connector so you can charge from your laptop or from a shared single charger (such as an iogear juice charger with adapters for charging in planes, cars, and electrical outlets all over the world).

Keep all those gadgets easily accessible during flights in your “personal item” while keeping you main carry-on bag for clothes and toiletries thus avoiding the dreaded checked baggage wait.

What do we choose as our “personal item”? A Maxpedition bag (such as the jumbo or the colossus versipack), it is equally comfortable on a plane or an all-day hike and has enough pockets and compartments for all our gadgets, chargers, snacks, books, etc.

Travel Charger Bag via ubergizmo