tech tools and tips for a tough economy

loose change

Kevin over at jkontherun has been helping his father get over loosing his job. Out of that he has come up with 8 good mobile technology tips and tools to help people deal with an economic downturn.

His tips are:

1. Never, never, never rely solely on a work e-mail address.
2. Set up a personal e-mail account with a professional-looking address.
3. Own a personal computer, preferably a notebook.
4. Get connected.
5. Find free hotspots.
6. Store information online.
7. Set up job agents.
8. Manage your money online.

I would add do your social networking and build business contacts ahead of time as it is often a personal recommendation thats get you a new job, especially in hard economic times when many job vacancies get filled without getting as far as being advertised.

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