TomTom Go 930 Reviewed

The TomTom Go 930 GPS navigation system has been reviewed by trusted reviews. The main new features of the TomTom Go 930 are it’s supposedly intelligent routing and lane assistance.

Here’s what they thought of the TomTom Go 930:

“So are the additions worth the extra cash? For now, I’d have to say – surprisingly – no. The new x30 range undoubtedly maintains the 720’s position as king of in-car sat-navs, with its improved route-finding abilities and lane assistance. But the changes, though innovative and useful, aren’t the sort of major improvements you’d want to upgrade for, and while stocks of the x20 range still exist, the older models represent a better deal.

If you want the ultimate in-car sat-nav, money is no object, and you don’t have one already, the 930 Traffic and its slightly less expensive brethren are most certainly the devices to beat. But I recommend you wait a while before buying one until the price drops by £50 or so.”

TomTom Go 930 review at Trusted Reviews