Eye-Fi wireless SD cards

Eye-Fi wireless SD cards

We told you about the Eye-Fi wireless SD a little while back and we were of the opinion that it was too pricey and they should just come out with a basic version that just uploads to your home network.

Guess what they just came out with? yep, 3 new eye-fi wireless SD cards, one of which does just what we wanted.

The Eye-Fi home is $79 for 2gb and just supports uploading to your home network, the Eye-Fi Share is identical to their original model adding uploads to online services such as Flickr for $99, and the Eye-Fi Explore adds a year of uploading at any of the 10000 wayport wi-fi hotspots across the US for $129.

Buyer beware though: we have heard reports that the read/write speeds on these cards are slow and that is a limiting factor on many digital cameras.

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