LOTR: Return of the Kings DVD

This works out at under $2 per Oscar. 40% off on The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King DVD at Buy.com. $17.99 with Free Shipping!

Or you could wait another 6 months for the extended edition release.

Amazon.com’s price is $0.02 cheaper but you need to get to $25 for free shipping.

March 12th is first day for pre-ordering, release date is May 25th 2004.


The Battle For Middle Earth Continues Video Games from EA
The Lord of The Rings Trilogy Supertrailer
3D Animated Menus
Documentary: A Filmmaker’s Journey: Making The Return of The King
Documentary: National Geographic Special
Documentary: The Quest Fulfilled: A Director’s Vision
DVD ROM Features : Exclusive online content
Featurette: Aragorn’s Destiny
Featurette: Digital Horse Doubles
Featurette: Eowyn: White Lady of Rohan
Featurette: Minas Tirith: Capital of Gondor
Featurette: Samwise the Brave
Featurette: The Battle of Pelennor Fields

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