Hi-Res Screen for Pocket PC and Phones

samsung VGA 640x480 screen 2.6 inch

Samsung have released a picture of their new 2.6 inch, 300 dot per inch, 640 by 480 pixel VGA screen (by comparison a PC screen usually has 72 dots per inch, which means this screen can display a lot more in a small space, or make the same amount of information a lot clearer/smoother).

The screen also has a 200:1 contrast ratio and 150cd/m2 brightness which means it should look better than current small screens in direct sunlight.

This will be going into full production in December of this year and should show up next year in small Pocket PCs (current VGA Pocket PCs have a much larger and poorer quality 4 inch screen), smart phones, and high end mobile phones.

Also interesting but not announced yet is that the same 300 dots per inch would allow a 4.2 inch 1024×768 screen on a larger pocket pc or a 7.3″ Wide-XGA 1080p HDTV screen combined with the new 60gb 1.8″ hard drive for an uber personal video player or portable DVD player.

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