Verizon Samsung Glyde Reviews

The new Samsung Glyde phone on Verizon has been reviewed by a number of sites:

Laptop Mag says: “The Glyde seems like a compelling touchscreen messaging phone with fun messaging capabilities, and we like the keyboard, but it has too many drawbacks to recommend. The interface is bland and needlessly difficult to customize, and the touchscreen doesn’t always act on each finger press. We say either spend the $50 to get the V CAST Mobile TV-sporting Voyager or–if you can do without a touchscreen–pick up the $129 LG enV2.”

Phone Magazine says: “The Verizon Glyde isn’t a bad cellphone, but it’s outshone by its rivals. If it had been released back in January at the same time as the F700v appeared, it would have stolen the march on Sprint’s Instinct and all the other touchscreen handsets. However, users are spoilt for choice at the moment, and we would likely recommend other devices before Verizon’s Glyde.”

Phone Scoop says: “Our review unit did, however, suffer from low signal strength and only so-so call quality. You might want to check for yourself to see how it performs in your area.”

Laptop Verizon Samsung Glyde Review
Phone Magazine Verizon Samsung Glyde Review
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