iphone 2.0 firmware supports 3G

iphone 2.0 firmware supports 3G

The 3G iPhone is coming. Yeah, that isn’t exactly new news but here is a little more confirmation of the fact.

Chronic-dev was messing around with the iPhone 2.0 firmware (beta 5) and was able to activate the menu option for enabling and disabling 3G on the new phones.

Why would you want an option to disable it? because it affects battery life, just as you should be disabling bluetooth and wifi on phones if you don’t use them.

Anyway, the point of this is yet more confirmation that 3G is definitely coming, probably in the next few weeks, and probably in the same form factor as the current iPhone. (There is a next generation iPhone in development but we think they will launch the 3G iPhone before that is ready.)

iPhone 2.0 firmware 3G picture at chronic-dev