Gizmondo is coming (again)

gizmondo console

Back at CES in January 2005 we got to play with one of the first Gizmondo gaming consoles and we weren’t impressed. (Actually we thought it was a piece of cheap crap that was on a rollercoaster ride to oblivion.)

Well guess what? after sales of about $2m (and a loss of about $382m in 2004/5 amid links to Swedish organized crime) they went bankrupt, and the Gizmondo disappeared for ever…… until now.

Like diarrhea from extra spicy chili you can’t get rid of it that easily: Carl Freer (the founder of Gizmondo) has confirmed that he is hard at work on the relaunch of the Gizmondo which will be “upgraded” to Windows CE 6 and will have a separate graphics chip.

Stayed tuned for live coverage of this trainwreck as it happens……..

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