Canon Rebel XSi reviews

Canon Rebel XSi reviews

The Canon Rebel XSi costs $800, has a 12.2 mexapixel resolution, and supports the Canon EF-S lenses (and optionally comes with their new image stabilized 18-55mm lens).

Some more sites have now posted their reviews of the Canon Rebel XSi:

Cameralabs says “As the successor to the best-selling DSLR of the last 18 months, there’s no doubt Canon’s new EOS 450D / Rebel XSi will shift by the bucket-load. There’s equally no doubt Canon has made many improvements over the earlier 400D / XTi which together add-up to a worthy successor.”

DPReview says “Without a doubt the EOS 450D will have to do more today to prove itself against the popular Nikon D40 / D40X / D60 and to a lesser degree the Pentax K200D and Olympus E-420.”

Digital Camera Review says “When given an opportunity – and the glass – to stretch its photographic legs, the XSi is a powerful tool that continues to iron out minor annoyances with previous-generation Rebels. Typical for Canon, it’s a fairly conservative upgrade on the whole that carries over the vast majority of its technology from its predecessor. This, combined with strong competition, means that the XSi isn’t the technologically dominant camera in its space, but the capabilities of its new sensor, especially, will likely be recognized as the standard by which all other sub-$1,000 DSLRs are judged.”

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