GeForce 6600GT Graphics Card Face-Off

GeForce 6600GT faceoff

Our $649 low price high performance PC arrived (we will have a review up in a few days), and if you remember we are going to be upgrading a few components.

The first component we are upgrading is the graphics card; switching out the anaemic ATI X300 solution for a nice new GeForce 6600GT. We bought a Sparkle GeForce 6600GT card (as we found a good price online) but were wondering how it compares to other 6600GT cards.

Anandtech came to our rescue as they have just published a face-off between retail GeForce 6600GT cards from 11 manufacturers.

The cards they looked at were from: Albatron, Gigabyte, Palit, Sparkle, Leadtek, Chaintech, Prolink, MSI, XFX, Inno3D, Galaxy and NVIDIA.

The end result is the the Sparkle isn’t the best but it still performs good and should prove to be a good upograde for the money.

Full Review from Anandtech.