Upgrading the hard drive in HP2133 mini-note

Upgrading the hard drive in HP2133 mini-note

Hp Mini-Note PC Blog has posted a how-to with some photos of how to upgrade the hard drive in the HP2133 mini-note PC.

Compared to some of the upgrades posted for the eee pc and the min-note this one is easy, all you need is a new 2.5″ hard drive (like the nice new hitachi 320gb ones) plus some basic tools (small philips screwdriver, small torx screwdriver, pliers).

This is a great upgrade for people that got the basic 4GB mini-note and need more storage space.

Don’t have the right tools? worried about causing damage to your mini-note? hand in your “man card” right now and go take up a more relaxing hobby, knitting maybe.


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