Memoright 32GB SSD reviewed

Memoright 32GB SSD reviewed

Toms Hardware has reviewed the Memoright 32GB solid state disk (SSD).

Here’s what they thought of it:

“The benchmark results for the Memoright flash SSDs (we used four 32-GB models MR25.2-032S) speak for themselves. A sequential throughput of 115 MB/s is a new record for flash-based drives, and Memoright even managed to sustain almost the same throughput for write operations as well. I/O performance is stellar and the drive’s power consumption is lower than the power requirements of the direct competitor, the Mtron Flash SSD. The only benchmark sections where it cannot beat everything else is the PCMark05 Windows XP startup benchmark and the IOmeter Webserver benchmark. In every other test, Memoright slaps the other drive manufacturers in the face by providing bone-crushing storage performance. Server administrators should especially study the benchmark results carefully, as we’re talking about many hundreds to thousands of I/O operations per second on an individual drive.”


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