New kind of memory card – μcard

A new kind of memory card is going to be revealed in early October at a trade show in Taiwan, and mass produced in 2005.

The specifications seem amazing, so I have to wonder if it will be so expensive that no-one can afford it:

2 Terabytes storage capacity (2048 gigabytes)
120 megabits/second transfer rate (10x that of SD, 8x that of CompactFlash)
Lower power consumption than CompactFlash

I have to wonder why they chose a name that can’t be typed on a regular English keyboard: that will severely hinder their marketing efforts.

Note also that the 2 terabytes storage is the maximum technically possible, CompactFlash has a possible maximum of 128GB, but only 1GB CF cards are affordable and the highest currently available is 8GB (for about $4500).

Personally I would expect to see μcard starting out in the 256mb – 2GB range, at over $100 for the cheapest 256mb card. news story

(thanks engadget)