Windows XP Service Pack 2

windows XP service pack 2

After a few false starts the latest upgrade to Windows XP is available… but you will be lucky to get it today.

Service Pack 2 is a major update to Windows XP focusing on security issues: providing a better firewall that is switched on by default, and cutting off a number of features that are potentially unsafe.

It is only going out to 2.5 million people a day via the Windows Update feature of Windows and starting tomorrow (Tuesday Aug 10th) it will start going out to some people via the Automatic Updates feature of Windows.

Note that some software that didn’t do things securely enough is broken by this update. If your favorite piece of software behaves funny after the update check with the software manufacturer for an update.

Update 8/9: I have this installed now, the install went very smoothly: very few problems. For some reason it doesn’t get a status from Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Style XP doesn’t work (they are working on a fix), and if you have a Pocket PC you are going to need to click unblock on a couple of firewall security alerts before Activesync will work.