OCZ 64GB SATA II SSD reviewed

OCZ 64GB SATA II SSD reviewed

Trusted Reviews has reviewed the 2.5″ 64GB SATA II solid state drive (SSD) from ocz.

Here’s what they thought:

“It’s the same story when we look at the PCMark scores – the SSD simply trounces the competition – and our own more subjective tests also backed this up. Quite simply, this is the fastest drive we’ve ever tested, and by a long way. It’ll be interesting to see how Western Digital’s new VelociRaptor compares as it looks like this is the only hard drive that stands a chance of competing with this (and no doubt many upcoming) SSD. Even considering the cost, this is a tempting proposition.

The OCZ 64GB SATA II SSD is undoubtedly very expensive and won’t even be worth considering for most. However, if you do have deep pockets and want the ultimate performance from your desktop or notebook, then this drive is the way to go.”