How to hide a USB drive inside a phone outlet

How to hide a USB drive inside a phone outlet

So this guy was looking for a way to hide his “sensitive” files (also known as stopping mom finding his adult movie collection), so he decided to rewire a phone outlet so you could use it to access a hidden 4GB USB drive.

He soldered some wires to the USB drive, opened up the outlet and connected the USB drive to the phone plug, built a USB to phone cable, and hooked everything up.

Personally I would have just encrypted my files with some free software like TrueCrypt, but one area where this idea has potential is in security camera recording:

A thief gets into your house and steals the computer where the video from your security cameras is stored, what he doesn’t know is that the video is really being stored on a 1 terabyte linkstation mini hidden in the wall behind a phone jack.


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