Gateway 6GB MP3 Photo Jukebox

Gateway 6GB MP3 Photo Jukebox

Gateway have tried firing a shot across the bows of apple and the ipod mini by launching the Gateway 6GB MP3 Photo Jukebox, unfortunately the shot appears to have misfired.

Technically the Photo Jukebox is nice with a 6gb hard drive, 1.6″ 128 x 128 pixel color LCD, USB 2.0, sync with Microsoft Media Player 10, and 8 to 10 hr battery life, all in a 3.8 x 2.3 x 0.7 inch 3.4oz $249 package.

Visually though the Photo Jukebox just doesn’t do it for me, the screen is to small to see anything and the controls look fiddly. Gateway should have stuck with the all metal look of their 4GB model.

(more at Gateway)

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