A Little Rant

Forgive me, but I feel a rant coming on.

I visit a lot of web sites every day looking for interesting news to post to ShinyPlastic and our other sites, I am pretty well protected against adware downloads and viruses etc, I don’t block banner ads as they don’t bother me, and I tolerate flash ads that popover a page I am looking at (as long as they have an obvious close or skip button) but you know what really bugs me?

Web sites that automatically resize your browser window.

I hate them.

I have my browser windows set to a size I like, it is just the right size to see a lot but not to take up my whole screen, so I can still see other windows underneath such as email, RSS feeds etc.

Who do these control freak site designers think they are when they tell me they know better than I do what size to make my browser window.

There are two extremes, the sites that automatically resize your browser to 800×600 because that is “optimal” for viewing their site, and those that resize the browser to the max size possible for your screen.

Excuse me, I have two screen and they are both 1600×1200 pixels, I don’t want your crappy little site taking up my whole screen, especially when two-thirds of the broser is now blank space.

And what is the end result of these people messing up my browser window? I leave their site immediately and never return.