Hard Drive in an SD Card

Secure Digital SD card sized hard drive from Toshiba

SorobanGeek is attending the CEATAC show and came across a Toshiba prototype of a 0.85″ hard drive connecting with a Pocket PC via a SD card interface.

I’m not sure of the practical applications of this:

When 0.85″ hard drives are released the maximum capacity is likely to be 1GB or at most 2GB, and like any hard drive it is more fragile than a flash memory solution. Also a 0.85″ hard drive is too big to fit in an SD card so a solution would have to stick out the top of your Pocket PC (or be enclosed in a device specific accessory that maybe goes around the back of the Pocket PC).

So why not just use a 1GB SD card or CF card?

(via pdalive)