Samsung NV40 reviewed

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PhotographyBLOG has reviewed the $280 10 megapixel image-stabilized 3x optical zoom Sansung NV40 digital camera.

Here’s what they thought:

“The NV40 represents a further refinement of Samsung’s radical approach to the compact camera market, but it’s not exactly a massive leap forward, being very similar to the previous NV20 model. The notable changes are a decrease in resolution to 10.5 megapixels, which must be the first time that’s ever happened, true mechanical image stabilisation, Auto Contrast Balance function, Self portrait mode and a Photo Style Selector.

None of these are really earth-shattering additions, except for the image stabilisation, which is very welcome even on a camera with just a 3x zoom lens. Unfortunately the reduction in resolution doesn’t markedly improve image quality, with obvious noise and loss of saturation at ISO 200 and faster the main problem, along with green and purple fringing and an average macro mode.

The image stabilisation system partially compensates for the noise at low ISO speeds, in that you can use ISO 80 and 100 at slower shutter speeds than usual, but Samsung really do need to concentrate on improving the image quality of their compacts.

The NV40 remains a premium-level product that is both well made and well thought out, with the unique smart touch interface that makes the camera easy to understand and navigate, but ultimately the image quality and high price-tag of £199 / $280 let the Samsung NV40 down.”

(full review at photographyblog)