Cheap UPS

cheap 650VA two outlet uninterruptible power supply UPS has a basic 650VA two outlet 110V AC UPS (uninterruptible power supply for just $30 with $10 off promotional code GEEK650.

It basically gives you time to save files and close down your PC when there is a power failure. I got a more powerful UPS than this to keep my work PCs and wireless network alive whenever my dog decides to run under the table and sit on the cables or power switches.


650V Uninterruptible Power Supply

General Features:
650 VA
110V input/voltage output voltage
60 Hz (+/- 3 Hz) input frequency
Two outlets
110 VAC (+/- 20%) / 60 Hz input
110 VAC / 60 Hz output
+/0 3% inverter regulation
0.6 cosine
3-minutes full load back-up time
Automatic voltage regulator
Serial interface
Overload protection
Short circuit protection
Auto detect for battery charge/discharge protection
DC Direct start-up for emergency use
PWM stepped wave approximation to sine wave output waveform
450 joules surge energy capacity
36000 amps maximum surge current
Normal power LED
Backup power LED

Retail Package Includes:
650V uninterruptible power supply
Power cord
Serial cable
User’s Manual

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