HDTV Buying Guide

HDTV Buying Guide

Extremetech have updated their HDTV buying guide and here are their conclusions:

“HDTV is still evolving, and will no doubt continue to grow. In 2004, 50% of HDTVs sold had built-in HDTV tuners. By mid-2005, 100% of all HDTVs will be required by FCC mandate to have embedded HDTV tuners. Once tuner availability hits full penetration of new units sold, we’ll likely see an avalanche of new content. Already, DirecTV has repurposed several satellites that were slated for data transmission and converted them to high-definition broadcasting. Those will be launched in the coming year.

So the transition is well under way. In the coming year, HDTVs will improve and hardware prices will drop. The only question is: When will you hop on the bandwagon? “

It is a shame that the US is still so far behind many other parts of the world wheh it comes to HDTV but it looks like things are finally moving forward more quickly.

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