EyeTop Wearable DVD System Review

EyeTop Wearable DVD System Review

LiveDigitally has posted a review of the EyeTop Wearable DVD System and we agree with most of their conclusions, especially the part about feeling queasy when you wear it for too long:

“Overall, I felt the Eyetop DVD was a well-made product, with a lot of attention to putting together a complete package. As far as the viewing experience goes, I found the system to be hard to watch, and have a feeling many adults would feel the same way. Which leads me to think the product might be better suited for teenagers or young adults.”

Um, make that “teenagers or young adults who don’t mind looking like a dork”. I won’t be buying a system like this until they can make one that doesn’t look like a leftover prop from a bad 80’s Sci-Fi series.

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