iwish concept blends PSP and iPhone

iwish concept blends PSP and iPhone

Joystiq reader Mat Brady sent in some interesting concept art he put together.

He calls it the iwish because “I wish Sony would get their act together and improve the PSP. So many people are doing such amazing and innovative things these days, and yet the only innovative thing to happen to the PSP since 2005 was that it got a little slimmer.”

Mat then goes on to discuss convergence and the prerequisites for a converged device.

Personally I don’t think we will have a true converged device until we have projected head-up displays (that don’t look like dork glasses) along with virtual input devices – otherwise there is no way to fit a keyboard, a good sized high res touchscreen, and a game controller in a device small enough to carry in a pocket.

(mat’s blog)

iwish concept blends PSP and iPhone

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