Canon Powershot A580 reviewed

Canon Powershot A580 reviewed

Imaging Resource has reviewed the $150 8 megapixel 4x optical zoom Canon Powershot A580.

Here’s what they thought:

“No entry-level bargain camera is going to score highly on our comprehensive tests, but the Canon PowerShot A580 proved to be pretty scrappy. Thanks to its DIGIC III processor, its performance was nothing to sneeze at. And the same imaging engine gave it some very helpful tools like motion detection and face detection that Canon has harnessed in unique and interesting ways.

The main disappointment was in how the A580 handled highlights under a variety of situations. There was noticeable blooming at the edges of any white object. Corner softness was a bit high at wide angle, too. But, as I said, you’ve got to expect some issues.

Other cameras at less than $150, however, have worse problems, which is enough to make the A580 a Dave’s Picks in the Budget category.”

(more at imagingresource)

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