Archos 705 WiFi 160GB reviewed

Archos 705 WiFi 160GB reviewed

Digital Trends has reviewed the $450 Archos 705 WiFi 160GB portable media player.

Here’s what they thought:

“We love the 705’s huge hard drive and WiFi capabilities, but lacking physical control buttons, it should offer a better-feeling and -looking touchscreen, even if it adds cost. The device should also either come with wider support for various formats, and built-in recording (like the Cowon A3) would be nice too – we’d even be willing to pay a bit extra for it.

Out of the box, the 705 isn’t sure what its core feature is: AV quality isn’t great, the browser and DVR features are sold separately, and you have to pay extra for widely-used codecs like AAC and MPEG-2. But load units up with all the extras (including an extra battery or two and some games), and the 705 can be a satisfying companion on long trips.

As far as replacing your laptop is concerned, however, the Archos 705 may boast an entirely different set of flaws than the Cowon Q5W, but neither is quite ready for that responsibility… yet.”

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