Boy genius goes to London

htc touch diamond

Boy Genius from Boy Genius Report went all the way to London for the extremely over hyped press conference from HTC that was supposed to announce the most exciting product of the year.

All that got announced was the HTC Touch Diamond that we already knew all about.

Here are some of his comments:

11:50 AM: We’ve pretty much confirmed Android will not be making an appearance here. Mmm.
12:15 PM: He just said the design is museum-worthy. We’ll be the judge of that, fella.
12:26 PM: Marketing spin: “HTC Touch Diamond is Just Like Your Life.” What, sad and lonely?
12:29 PM: Available in Europe and Asia in June. Rest of the world is later this year. What. In. The. Hell?
12:44 PM: Oh my god. We came all the way here for one phone. Where is my slide-out keyboard, damn it!

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