We were lusting after so many nice TVs on the CES show floor today that we had to share.

First up is the largest TV in the world, a 102″ plasma from Samsung that will probably cost a outrageously lust-deflating bank-account-emptying amount:

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Next we have more Samsung largeness, this time the world’s largest DLP, and the first 1080p HD DLP:

and also from Samsung, a 57″ LCD TV:

next up is our old favorite, the Sharp Aquos 45″ LCD:

which has been replaced in our fickle affections by the even nicer Sharp Aquos 65″ LCD:

which comes in 2 colors, silver and black, and we all know that no guy can resist identical twins:

and finally we have a surprise entry from Benq who have a range of LCDs including this stylish 46″ model: