Home Heartbeat Wireless Security System

Home Heartbeat Wireless Security System

In an ideal world your home would have been wired for a modern security system when it was built, but for most us it isn’t an ideal world and we are put off of having a security system installed by the cost and inconvenience of having someone making holes in our walls to run wires.

Home Heartbeat from Eaton promises to solve that problem; it is a wireless (802.15.4 zigbee) security system that appears simple to install and use.

Every component is wireless (from door sensors, to water shutoffs, to electrical outlet monitors) and is monitored from a central base station and home key.

The home key is a little gadget you can carry with your keys and it shows you the status of all your sensors as long as it is within 60 to 90 feet of the base station; beyond that you can get the base station to send SMS messages to your cell phone.

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