Bill Gates Keynote

Bill Gates CES Keynote

Yawn, move on, nothing interesting innovative or exciting to see here. I don’t know why they thought it would be good for Bill to be on stage with Conan O’Brien, put a funny man and a dull man together and the dull guy just looks worse, it’s like hanging out with the ugly people at school so you look better in comparison.

Something else I don’t get: if you are doing a major keynote presentation you should make sure your technology is working so you don’t get the blue screen of death and/or broken slideshow that Bill encountered. I don’t care if you are the richest man in the world; you still look bad when your presentation goes wrong.

On the positive side Bill did get in a good plug for TivoToGo. Tivo are getting lots of good publicity at the moment with this and with AMD featuring them prominently as well.

Oh, and as expected no sign of the Xbox 2 yet.

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