Zero Bad Pixel Warrenty on LCDs

Zero Bad Pixel Warrenty on LCDs from Samsung

Samsung has announced a very welcome policy change: they will replace your LCD monitor for free if you find a single bad pixel within 6 months of purchase.

This is only applicable in South Korea at the moment but it looks like a test to see what the return rates and costs are, and hopefully they (and other manufacturers of quality LCDs) will extend this policy to other countries.

We are having a 3400sf house built, and as you know we love our technology and consumer electronics, our house is being built from the ground up with all the latest gadgets in mind, and the centerpeice of all this electronic wizardry is going to be a 37 or 45/46 inch LCD. I know I would be a lot happier thinking about that very expensive purchase if I knew that I could return it if there was a bad pixel in the middle of the screen.

Update: I ask the Samsung reps at CES Unveiled about this and they said it would be great if they could do this in the US but they hadn’t heard anything about it.

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