Tronic Portable Multimedia Gadget

Tronic Portable Multimedia Gadget

Singapore company Tronic are announcing a new gadget at CES, or to be more exact a new PMG or “Portable Multimedia Gadget”.

Basically it is like a cross between a tablet pc and a handtop pc such as the Sony U750P. It has a 1GHz Via Eden processor, 20GB hard drive (up to 80GB available), 128mb RAM (up to 512mb available), an 8.4″ SVGA 600×600 pixel LCD screen, bult0in bluetooth 802.11g modean and 10/100 ethernet, has 3 USB 2.0 ports, a PCMCIA card slot, and runs Windows XP.

At 9.16″ x 7.62″ x 1.66″ and 2.62lb it is bigger and heavier than the OQO or U750P but at $1199 it is almost half the price.

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